Voting if your personal choice – including whether or not you believe there is any validity to the process at all. This page is not telling you how to vote, but it is here to inform you who is (and isn’t) against Agenda 21. If you have found yourself here, you probably already know there isn’t much choice on your ballot. It’s a one-party system, and whether you vote Tory, Lib Dem, Labour, SNP or Green, you are voting for the same party working towards implementing Agenda 21. Even the Libertarians, in this moment when they should have become vocal shining beacons of persoal freedoms, have shown a milk toast, establishment response and sat on the fence. Libertarians are a mixed bag and a broad church. Whether or not your candidate is fiercly opposing Agenda 21 will take some research.

The only party (to our knowledge) with a platform in direct opposition to Agenda 21 policy is Freedom Alliance.