Don’t let them track you / assimilate you

This post may seem paranoid. However, I used to have my stuff everywhere online, I was very active all over the internet, I have now removed myself to a great extent. I will not be tracked, and a profile made of me in their digital vaults. But we all need to do the same, otherwise it is pointless.


Your phone is a bad thing, Google knows too much about you. I have changed my android settings.
1. Google targeted ads as standard. To disable. Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of Ads Personalisation
2. DNS by Google. Goto the play store and get the DNS app.
3. Maps is always following you. Maps > Personal content > Location history to off / Delete all Location History

Some culprits

Google resells all your stuff. I have deleted all my google photos, drive etc and am slowly removing from Gmail
I no longer use Chrome. I use now for email privacy.

Facebook does the same, resells everything about you and also tracks you all over the internet.
Granted, you can now turn that off in settings, but still, Facebook is a bad thing, I voted with feet and left.

Alternative search, break the tracking

Duckduckgo is good for search, the app for Firefox stops trackers. The Duckduckgo browser for Android is good and stops trackers. Firefox also has extensions like Duckduckgo, Ghostery, uBlock Origin that block unwanted stuff. Or you could go the whole hog and use Tor Browser. I use Twitter with Tor and it is based in Firefox, so I use the same plugins, Duckduckgo and Ghostery.

Oh yes, I also have my phone and laptop microphone and camera blocked. GPS disabled by an app. (on Andriod 9, each time you connect to wifi the location goes on).

Why is this important? I might be wrong, I hope I am, but the reselling of our data is the money making model of Google, Facebook et al, I’d rather not comply. Google are also teaching AI with our actions.

Please make a choice, while you still have a choice:

Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary:

Highlands and Islands

At present the sustainability documents for Inverness City as well as Highland Council are reasonable documents and are not alarming, however, these documents are several years old and likely to be updated in the near future. Please check back for updates or report any new to us, contact

Adapting to Climate Change (PDF)

Inverness City Report (PDF)

An interesting journal article called ‘Decommonising the mind’: historical impacts of British imperialism on indigenous tenure systems and selfunderstanding in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Orkney Council benefits from a diverse representation of independents, which is a positive news against Agenda 21 type policies.


Do you live in Glasgow? Please report any activities to us having to do with sustainability, the environment, property rights or censorship. Contact us.